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Conspiratopia: A Utopian Satire


Conspiratopia is a utopian satire set in a world where conspiracy theories won.

Inspired by classics like Gulliver's Travels and Utopia, the book traces the voyage of a really smart (and really high) conspiracy dude as he discovers this strange new reality where sentient AIs manipulate humanity using synthetic social media, cryptocurrency, and virtual reality. Meanwhile, government is outlawed, and conspiracy theories are traded on the stock market, and become the only thing taught in schools...

Reader testimonials (from Reddit):

  • "A nice little read. Despite being set in a modern time, the style reminds me very much of some 1970s sci-fi writing, particularly Philip K. Dick."
  • "First chapter is funny, I got a big grin out of a lot of it. I'm definitely gonna keep reading"
  • "I couldn't sleep all night after reading Conspiratopia... my mind was looking for a solution all night long, involuntarily. Amazing adventure for any crypto enthusiast, cryptocypher, dinosaur and anyone who wants to enter new dimension."
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Sci-fi / Cyberpunk
Dystopian Satire
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Approx. 2 hrs
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Conspiratopia: A Utopian Satire

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